thismeintiel said:
LOL, oh boy.  It has nothing to do with what Sony will let them do or not do, it's because it was made for Windows/PC.  It would require porting. 

It's not just porting. - The hardware and software stacks are so similar to what the PC ecosystems have it's a shit excuse anyway.

The hardware and software stacks are so far locked down... That it deters things like even Homebrew.

thismeintiel said:
Or for Sony to create, or allow other devs to create, a DOS/Windows emulator for the PS4. 

Sony's Playstation 4 is using FreeBSD as the OS base. - You cannot sideload FreeBSD games and software on the Playstation 4.
That is DRM. Face the facts already.

thismeintiel said:
Again, DRM by your poor definition of it.  Really the same goes for modern PCs.

And I have said nothing to the contrary.

thismeintiel said:
It's not like you can just buy those old discs off Ebay, stick them in any PC, and they run.  Nope, you have to run them with a DOS emulator, which is why those games you buy from GOG/Steam even work. 

You do not need to use emulation. I can delve farther into this topic if you want and educate you on the matter if you are genuinely interested.

thismeintiel said:
Just admit it, you used a ridiculous definition of DRM just to push the whole "PC master race."

The PC is the Master Race.

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