KBG29 said:

PlayStation has finally drove me away. 

For the last 1 1/2 they have completely abandoned PS4. They have stopped supporting any of their services (outside of PlayStation Vue), PSN is down more and more every month, and the OS is getting worse and worse. What the hell are we paying for with PS+?

Microsoft on the other hand has completely revamped the XBO this year. The OS has made massive strides, and is now well ahead of the PS4 OS. They upgraded Edge on XBO, and it now functions almost 1 to 1 with PC (just needs Mouse Support). With that upgrade they brought the ability to download Files, Photos, Music, Videos, Zips, Rars, etc., and they are all accessable right on XBO via the File Explorer and through multiple apps on the Xbox Store.

Their Video store offers 4K HDR content, and just joined Video Anywhere. They are offering Cross Play, which I could care less about, but at least they are not hunkering down in their cave. XBO is gainging more productivity and quality of life apps and features every week. 

Then we have B/C, Xbox Play Anywhere, and Game Pass. Game Pass, for $10 a month gives access to all 1st party games with new releases available on day one. It is absolutely ridiculous value. 

PlayStation has been my main Computing and Entertainment device since 1998. I have bought played, watched, learned, ran business, and more through PlayStation. I have always bought all of my media, and 3rd party games through Sony, even when things were rough, because Sony always delivered new features, innovation, and continual improvement of the products I purchased. That has changed in the last few years. My Bravia's have incradible Picture Quality, but the OS is the worst I have ever used. PS Vita was dropped, and Xperia's are absolute garbage. Now PlayStation and PlayStation Services are going to trash.

For the first time in 20 years, I am changing my main platform. Microsoft has won me over after 17 years of hard work. They have become open, started listening to consumers, and partners. They are building a Platform, that can continually grow, and reach across the entire spectrum of electronics. They have a vision, and they have been open to the public with where they want to go. This is the company that I want to support. So starting this month my $450 a month entertainment budget is moving to Microsoft.

Perhapps Sony can win me back with PS5, but I am not betting on it. I have watched them piss away potential for to long. At this point I am see them closing themselves off, and killing PlayStation, just like they have every other successful product they have ever made. They will refuse to expand PlayStation's  feature set to offer standard functionallity in todays devices, and people will slowly but surely abandon ship.

Yes, the AAA single player games are great, but the rest is terrible. It will catch up to them

Good luck finding must have exclusives. Then again if you missed Halo 1-Reach, those are classics and  so is the original Gears of War Trilogy. Forza is top notch if you are into racing. But both Halo and Gears have lost their luster since their OG devs left. Sony is king this gen and judging by the PS5 hype Microsoft has a big hole to dig themselves out off.