Pemalite said:
thismeintiel said:
You obviously have no idea what DRM means if you think physical is DRM. If I can take my disc over to a friend's house and just stick it in his PS1/2/3/4 and it plays, there is no DRM. Using that same argument, GOG is DRM because they don't make the games runnable on the home consoles. It's just a silly argument. They are both bound by the HW/OS they were developed for, not by a code restricting your use of the game.

I can stick my Steam games on an external HDD, plug it into a friends PC and start playing, no different from your physical games.

And the reason why GOG games isn't DRM... Isn't because it won't run on a Playstation console... It's because Sony wouldn't allow it to run, that's the ultimate difference here.
The console itself is also DRM.

LOL, oh boy.  It has nothing to do with what Sony will let them do or not do, it's because it was made for Windows/PC.  It would require porting.  Or for Sony to create, or allow other devs to create, a DOS/Windows emulator for the PS4.  Which I'm sure MS would have something to say about that.  Again, DRM by your poor definition of it.  Really the same goes for modern PCs.  It's not like you can just buy those old discs off Ebay, stick them in any PC, and they run.  Nope, you have to run them with a DOS emulator, which is why those games you buy from GOG/Steam even work.  Just admit it, you used a ridiculous definition of DRM just to push the whole "PC master race."

thismeintiel said:
And I was one who was pretty damn sure they weren't going with Zen. Of course, we actually have more clues about what Sony is doing, not just that AMD was pushing Ryzen and the X at the same booth. One of Sony's programmers was working to improve Zen compatibility with PS's development environment. I doubt that was for shits and giggles. And we have heard rumors from within AMD about them focusing on Navi for Sony causing tensions with some that worked on Vega. That last could turn out wrong, but I don't think it will.

Grain of salt is needed for the absolute lot of it.

Mhmm, sure...