Pemalite said:
MrWayne said:

You have to look at it from the PC gamers perspective.
If a game needs the DVD in the drive to run, it prevents you from running the game on 10 pc's at the same time. that's clearly DRM because it means you and your friends have to buy more then more copy of the game..

This was obviously never a thing in the console space because games were not installed on consoles.

Most Physical PC games tend to have a CD Key, which you then activate on Steam/Origin/uPlay/ and can download the game rather than use the optical disk if you lack a disk drive.
You can also "share" your game library on PC as well.

But the PC most certainly has DRM, it just has DRM-free options... Consoles are very much "get what you see".

I was talking about the times before Steam. If you wanted to play AoE2 on a LAN party you only needed one copy.
Something like that isn't possible with the share function on steam, it's limited to one player at once.

Also you have to admit that the DRM on physical console games isn't as bad as on steam games. the DRM doesn't make it a pain in the ass to resell your games.