DonFerrari said:

Well I find a very odd reasoning since you certainly could have your PC as a central "server" to play in the 3 areas, but sure each one have their own needs. But if you don't like any exclusives then that is your option =]

I used to have my home setup in such a way.
But as life got more demanding, the less time I had to maintain it, so I reached a point in my life where I needed to dumb things down.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Pem and I have had that argument before. He wants to count every single PC game made since 1980, and then try to stack it up against a single console generation's library.

I can compare every Playstation console, be it fixed or handheld to the PC's game library and the PC will still have more games.

Cerebralbore101 said:

That's like an XB1 fanboy trying to argue that since XB1 is backwards compatible you have to count every XBO, 360, and XB1 game that isn't playable on PS4, when comparing libraries of the XB1 and PS4.

Every PC game is playable on the PC.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Consoles have DRM, but there is still an option to have a physical DRM free version with almost all console games.

The Physical version is not DRM free.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Yeah I can see 1440p from a 1K build. But 4k? Not happening.

Older games should do 4k just fine.
The great thing about PC though is that when you buy/upgrade your PC... You can run all your older games at higher resolutions and settings.

thismeintiel said:
You obviously have no idea what DRM means if you think physical is DRM. If I can take my disc over to a friend's house and just stick it in his PS1/2/3/4 and it plays, there is no DRM. Using that same argument, GOG is DRM because they don't make the games runnable on the home consoles. It's just a silly argument. They are both bound by the HW/OS they were developed for, not by a code restricting your use of the game.

I can stick my Steam games on an external HDD, plug it into a friends PC and start playing, no different from your physical games.

And the reason why GOG games isn't DRM... Isn't because it won't run on a Playstation console... It's because Sony wouldn't allow it to run, that's the ultimate difference here.
The console itself is also DRM.

thismeintiel said:
And I was one who was pretty damn sure they weren't going with Zen. Of course, we actually have more clues about what Sony is doing, not just that AMD was pushing Ryzen and the X at the same booth. One of Sony's programmers was working to improve Zen compatibility with PS's development environment. I doubt that was for shits and giggles. And we have heard rumors from within AMD about them focusing on Navi for Sony causing tensions with some that worked on Vega. That last could turn out wrong, but I don't think it will.

Grain of salt is needed for the absolute lot of it.

LudicrousSpeed said:

The same people telling you old games don’t count on PC would be happily including old Playstation games if PS4 had BC. 

Except there are more games on PC than there are on the PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Vita... Combined. So... It wouldn't make a difference.

Cerebralbore101 said:

I don't care about your graphics preferences. So long as you understand that a $1000 PC will not run current gen games at 4K. Whatever you are playing at 4K, must be something that isn't graphically intensive at all, if your 1K rig can do it. 

A $1000 rig would be a good 1440P candidate... And run games with higher visual settings than the Xbox One X.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Wii has a games library that spans decades, therefore Wii has a better library than 360 or PS3" - Somebody using the same faulty argument as you ten years ago.

The Wii can't play all those Nintendo console released games over that entire time period.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Critics and fans alike overwhelmingly disagree with you. I realize this is all subjective, but you are in the extreme minority here. Try expanding your horizons a bit.

Your argument is ultimately irrelevant as I already stated that my tastes will differ from others.

Cerebralbore101 said:

"I can't play my cassette tape in a CD player, therefore cassette tapes are DRM!"

That is a fundamental change in technology. It's a silly comparison.
The Playstation 4 is using x86, Graphics Core Next, *Nix derived OS, OpenGL and so on. - If it wasn't for DRM, it would be perfectly playable on a PC of similar build, natively.

MrWayne said:

You have to look at it from the PC gamers perspective.
If a game needs the DVD in the drive to run, it prevents you from running the game on 10 pc's at the same time. that's clearly DRM because it means you and your friends have to buy more then more copy of the game..

This was obviously never a thing in the console space because games were not installed on consoles.

Most Physical PC games tend to have a CD Key, which you then activate on Steam/Origin/uPlay/ and can download the game rather than use the optical disk if you lack a disk drive.
You can also "share" your game library on PC as well.

But the PC most certainly has DRM, it just has DRM-free options... Consoles are very much "get what you see".

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