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I still play Wii and Wii U games, usually on my Wii U.  While I've played Wii U games on the just the gamepad using the off-tv function, I've never done that with Wii games before because the gamepad can't be used to control Wii games.

But today I played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on just the gamepad, which was kind of awkward but ok because it doesn't require motion controls.  But the visuals on the gamepad shocked me.  I'm used to Wii U games looking worse on the 480P screen than on the TV, but Brawl looked so much better.  The decrease in jaggies was expected, but the textures looked so much better than I remember them looking on my old SDTV in 2008.  It looks like it could have been an HD game on the gamepad.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Wii games on the gamepad screen?