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Congratulations. Would you like a cookie?

Wait, do you type out all your posts and replies and whatnot on your XBox One then?

Also, you keep mentioning that you championed for Sony hard all these years, even apologizing for their faults at times. I gotta ask, “why?” Do you work for Sony? Is your opinion supposed to be more important than others? What do you gain from it? Sony doesn’t need you to apologize for their mistakes. In fact, I don’t even see the point of this thread? I doubt too many people care that you’re switching the platform for which you buy and play your multi platform games. Also a lead platform is a term used to describe the console that a developer focuses on during development. Not a platform of choice.

Lastly, I gotta say I personally think you are super far off if you think Sony and Nintendo are going to all of a sudden disappear, only to replaced by Google and Apple. You see, Sony and Nintendo are known for developing games, which is what most people care about when they pick up a system. People buy PS4’s to play God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, and a multitude of others. People buy the Switch to play mostly Nintendo made games, the Mario’s and the Zelda’s are just two examples. Google and Apple don’t make video games, they make UI’s and Operating Systems. Apple makes hardware too, but not games man.

With that, I wish you well. I definitely disagree with you, but it’s your decision, and that’s the cool thing, you get to make up your own mind. So enjoy your Xbox and let me know if you want that cookie.