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I've been playing about 4-5 hours. I'm having this weird audio issue where after playing for a few minutes almost all audio stops and all I hear is the wind blowing, the same sound you hear when you're slinging around at high speed. Other times audio is muted during cut scenes randomly. Lady talks but I hear nothing, Spider-Man replies but I don't hear it, then I hear the lady. It's bizarre. I have to save and reload to fix it. I completed a side mission and got an infinite loading screen. Annoying issues.

I love the traversal. Not feeling much else at the moment. Funny enough it's becoming more and more to me to be just the Playstation version of Sunset Overdrive. Incredible movement and traversal, cool weaponry, but bad writing and pretty ok gameplay. Insomniac obviously couldn't go as vulgar as they did with SO, which is good in some cases, not in others.

Why if I have the skill unlocked to rip a gun out of an enemies hands by holding triangle, does it not work a majority of the time? It's the only combat issue I have so far outside of simple unoriginal design.