OTBWY said:
Kerotan said:

Just as he's entitled to no longer accept playstation as his main platform users here are also entitled to not accept his decision. Otherwise what's the point of the thread, to be one massive echo chamber? Some people obviously can't accept that. 

Excuse me what?

That is the saddest thing ever. Why would you not accept his decision when it is his decision to make? It ain't some cult dude.

I'm entitled to disagree with his decision. So if trump does something and people disagree are they part of a cult? Ridiculous. 


@chazore OK so all the big bad ps users on here are putting him down.


"The only ones who are accepting OP's opinion are those who do not have PS4 as their only or main platform of choice."


Is that any different to this? 


"The OP stated their decision to switch platforms and now all the PS users are coming out with reasons to put down"


Two sides of the same coin imo but for some reason you think one side is OK but not the other.