OP I have read your previous posts on both consoles and portables. You seem to dislike dedicated devices where their functionality is constrained by software. You can correct me if I am wrong but it seems you prefer mobile-like portables (which have hardware similar to smartphones and tablets) like Vita and Switch to be able to do gaming in addition to the functions of a smart device (lots of entertainment apps, productivity apps, and of course communications features) and you seem to prefer to stationary consoles to become like more multifunctional PCs.

Assuming what I have stated in true, I am curious as to why you do not go into PC gaming for your stationary gaming needs. PCs have support for gamepads and mouse and keyboards, most multiplats are available on PC, you have access to Microsoft's first-party titles, and even some of the console-exclusive PS4 games are on PC. The only downside to a PC is that the interface is not quite as refined, but that can be remedied for the most part with Steam big-picture. On top of that you also get access to the productivity and non-gaming entertainment apps that you like. While the Xbox is more PC-like with regards to its software (and I will say that its interface it more refined for the big screen, but that is about the only downside for the PC versus the Xbox), I still think your particular needs would be better served with an actual gaming PC.