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OK, so, about the thread itself again.

He's right, what is happening right now is not a sustainable solution. The only sustainable solution is the development of the countries refugees come from. Other things like welcoming them in other countries are only band aids, with good intentions but only able to work with a limited number of people, and with a lot of difficulties.
And I personally hate what Merkel did a few years ago, saying "We will welcome anyone who survives the travel until here". It was highly irresponsible and killed more people than it saved. The travel being extremely dangerous, pushing people to try it without doing anything to make it safer is hypocrisy at its best.
The French idea to put offices in charge of visa and immigration on the African side is maybe difficult to do, but a lot better than the German Hunger Games.

The best thing would be if they didn't even have to migrate. We should make refugees camps closer to the countries in need. And obviously make better decisions about the interventions in some countries...