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MrWayne said:

I try to get the thread back on track.

I am not a Tibetan Buddhist, so the Dalai Lama's words have little weight for me personally, but what he says is right if we would live in a better world. In a better world, the refugees are returning to their country, to their hometowns once the war is over. They will get the chance to build up their homeland with massive support from the international community.

however this is a very rare scenario in reality. Often times War/civil War never really ends and the country becomes a failed State like Libya or Somalia or the fraction who won the war becomes the new regime and returning refugees are threatened with political persecution or the land where the people once live is now occupied by another nation and they can't return.

Also I think if refugees lived in my country for long time, has a job and is well integrated we should let them stay here if they don't want to go back even after the initial cause for them to became refugees is gone.

Yeah... So let's not forget that e.g. USA and Russia have zero interest in ending warfare (it prints money).