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Pyro as Bill said:
To make my post clearer, all the black/white, islam/noislam, immigration stuff is an identity politics 'cold war' taking place across the West/Internet (culture war). Most of it is due to our fucked up economic system just like Weimar Germany. (my personal opinion is that it's the countryside-city divide on a grand scale).

The EU wants to be a 'good' version of the US but doesn't understand that the US became what it was due to English Law and no/small state. The idea of 'no taxation' is antithetical to every (non-english) european. The EU thinks it can repeat the US but be 'benelovent'. Euros don't understand that it's government that funds genocides and they think money comes from thin air/jewish tricks.

As we all know, the only thing worse than a religious nutjob is an ''ideological continental european''. I could say 'white' but that would put the English and Euros in the same category.

The US constitution is the modern tablets of stone. The US will survive if it sticks to the constitution. Europe has nothing.

What you're saying is still very confusing. All I understood was Euro-bashing and that would be completely off topic.

Last edited by MrWayne - on 15 September 2018