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During a niconico stream hosted by ATLUS focusing on Catherine Full Body, several details and gameplay have been shown off:

Dynamite Full Body Box

The “Dynamite Full Body Box” limited edition version of the game will retail for 13,980 yen (excluding tax). It will include:

-A Soejima illustrated sleeve box art

-A 4-disc CD soundtrack

-An art book

-A special DLC set


Purchase of the Dynamite Full Body Box will come with two DLC codes.

Catherine “Ideal Voice” All Voice Set: A product code for nine popular female voice actors (including the voice actresses of Chidori, Fuuka Yamagishi, and Yukiko Amagi), who Catherine can be changed with. There are 11 voices that can be used for Catherine in total.

“Nero Glass” Special Content: Vincent can wear strange glasses (excluding during certain scenes) that will make characters who appear in event scenes such as the bar appear to wear sexy sleepwear.

Joker from Persona 5

This DLC for the action puzzle modes of Babel and Colosseum will make the Persona 5 hero, “Joker”, available as a playable character. Players will also be able to enjoy commentary from the members of the Phantom Thieves when playing as Joker.

Source: Persona Central