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Green098 said:
RolStoppable said:
Good luck. You'll need it, because the rest of us will pay for the subscription like the sheep that we are.

True dat.

But in all serious, I was always going to pay for it for just the online anyways. It's just too big of a component in gaming this day and age, even if I used Xbox One or PS4 I'd cough up the $60 no questions asked just for the online access alone. A video game system without online play just isn't imaginable to me, GBA is the only console I've ever owned without it after all.

If that's what you think, I'm ok with it. But... don't you think that it would be better if it was free like it has been since the DS came out? Don't you think that this is something we have always had for free and now they are taking it away from us? Don't you think that if we stand up and hold on without online on Switch, even if it's just by a short period of time... we could make things like they were before?

I repeat: if you don't agree with this, I won't insist on you. But if you think I'm even just a little bit right... then you should consider making something.