John2290 said:
GameOverture said:

I'm no expert, but feminism has many branches and I'm pretty sure some of them would consider Portal to be, if not a overtly feminist game, at least a "feminist-friendly" one. Portal 1 is probably one of the few games that would pass the Bechdel test (maybe not since Chell is silent, but I'd argue the test probably needs to be adapted a little in order to make sense for videogames)

They have a test for that... what the fuck. What purpose would this test prove useful for, to lock yourself out of potential IP's you may like or to lock yourself in. Modern feminism must be a cult, the women who fought for women's rights would be ashamed. 

You're overthinking it and somehow getting offended because of it. The Bechdel test is more of a thought experiment than an actual metric the quality of a piece of media. I can think of plenty of games with strong or important female characters that would fail the test because that's not really the point of the test. It's the start of the conversation not the conversation itself

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