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BoseDK said:

Zelda Series = 5 games = OOT 98(64), BOTW 97(Switch). BOTW(WiiU), Twilight Princess(GC), and WindWaker(GC)

Mario series = 3 games = Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and Odessey = 97

Sony exclusive = 2 games

Yes but vast majority of the games on there are on Playstation consoles and not on Nintendo consoles. basically if one doesn't care about Mario and Zelda Nintendo consoles immediately become obsolete. 

If we go down this road, it will be very disappointing for you. As single development companies, Nintendo without a doubt has the most (and) highest rated games ever. Also, with your logic if you have a PC, the PS is immediately obsolete. So... yeah.

Having said that, please don't derail my thread any further. This is not a place for your console warring. Stick to the issue please, thank you.

Last edited by OTBWY - on 13 September 2018