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I don't like her because she is trying to be a leader of feminism by backseat driving when she doesn't even know what she's talking about. She doesn't play these games herself, she doesn't understand gamers at all, she's just looking at it through a glass window and criticizing what she sees. In the end, all she points out are things we all know from the start and she's pulling the microphone away from real feminists while doing it. Then when someone wants to debate her over it, she disables comments so no one can post an alternate viewpoint.

Then the news goes out of it's way to treat her like a sacred "does no wrong" feminist.

If you want an example of something shitty she's done, just look at her controversy with the youtuber, Boogie. The guy is the nicest and most neutral guy on youtube. He doesn't take anyone's side, he words everything he says as nicely as humanly possible. Anita got pissed at him because he said "I as a white male receive hate too". The guy has a serious medical condition that states he needs to avoid conflict, but she goes and blows up at him over that.

I don't like her because I honestly think she does NOTHING for feminism and is actually counter-productive. She does the conservative job for them.