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CGI-Quality said:
Miyamotoo said:

From what I read most people here didnt play them at all or played them much later after they were released.

They may have, but a lot of people grew up with the the originals and still like the second series more (I’m in that category). 

Some, but when you read what people wrote here most people here didnt play them at all or played them much later after they were released.


Kyuu said: 
Miyamotoo said: 

Eh, RE4 is bad example, critically its one of best games ever.

Well yeah, that's my point and that's I wrote, "I think that most people that didnt played first 3 games when they are out, are choosing some other series". If you didnt played TR1/TR2/TR3 you cant know how great those game were because we talking about 1st generation of 3D games and every game more less didnt aged well from that generation.

Well, if you wanna play critical reception... Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are both rated higher than all classic TR games except the original. Or is reception only applicable on Resident Evil?

Tomb Raider (91 Meta) > Tomb Raider 2013 (87 Meta) > Rise of the Tomb Raider (86 Meta) > Tomb Raider 2 (85 Meta) > The Last Revelation (79 GR) = Shadow of the Tomb Raider (83 X1/78 PS4 Meta) > Tomb Raider 3 (78 GR/76 Meta)

There is no objective truth to the original series being superior. Otherwise yes, TR reboot isn't faithful to its origin in the same manner RE4 wasn't (I'm sorry, but critical reception and innovations don't change that.)

I agree with the bolded but there are biases from both sides. This "essence" bias is probably the main reason why I favored RE1 Remake over RE4, and why I had and continue to have zero interest in the TR reboot.

No I dont want to play play critical reception because critical reception from 5. and 8. generation were not exactly same, not to mentione that in 2013. action games are generally were very popular and that definitely affect scores. I just pointing that RE4 is very bad example because we talking about one best games ever generally not just easily best critically acclaimed RE game, RE4 has score 96 while second best RE game has score of 91, so its obvious we talking about much bigger difrence in any case compared to Tomb Raider series.

No, there is no objective true about preference of games, but that isnt my point.

I also prefer RE1 Remake and for me its best RE game, but RE1 Remake is more expection than rule, because it keeped all good stuffs from original RE1 and actually make them better with addition of better graphics, presentations...while I played Tomb Raider Anniversary plenty of things was lost from original game like atmosphere, game was dumb down and was much easier..