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People make the mistake of thinking criticizing culture is criticizing race. Races are largely the same, it's cultures that are different. Unfortunately those on the left sometimes fall in to the trap of not being able to differentiate between the value of cultures, because they see segments of racial groups that identify with those cultures instead. So you end up with people unable to speak out against certain religions, or segments of population (which may happen to be a smaller race homogeneous section of a population, but which isn't it's defining characteristic) because they identify doing so with speaking out against the race, rather than culture.

So don't be racist (duh). But also don't be someone that can't see the difference between criticizing culture and criticizing race. It's happening a lot nowadays.

Also when you mention this...

"I think fear of the unknown is the biggest driving force for racism. People get tremendously paranoid of bad things that could happen if those people settled nearby and eventually they begin to mistake their frightening fantasies for reality. "

I wonder if you might be confusing cultural concern/protectionism with racism. My friend who is Polish for example does not want the country to take in any refugees from the middle east. Not because he is racist, but because he wants Poland to maintain its national identity and because there is a legitimate concern for security. You might disagree, but that's not the same thing as being racist. Now sometimes those sentiments are coupled with actual racism for sure, but they're not a necessary feature.

Also a lot of people in this thread seem to be judging groups based on small sample sized personal anecdotes. Anecdotes of a few people really cant tell you anything about any single group of the 7 billion people living on this planet.

Last edited by contestgamer - on 11 September 2018