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LuccaCardoso1 said:

Hey, I'm going to write an article on LGBT+ characters in video games, and I need some help. Can you help me remember some of them?

1) What do you think are some good and bad examples of LGTB+ representation in video games?

2) How do you feel about the quantity of LGBT+ characters in video games? Do you think there should be more, less or do you think there's enough?

3) Do you think that, in general, LGBT+ characters are well represented in games?

4) Are you LGBT+? (feel free to not answer this question if you don't feel comfortable)

1) Bad example: All of the characters in DA2. Just no. My favourite good example: Bolson in BotW. Very fun and loving character. Very likable.

2) Not too many characters, however, the gay characters that are there are somehow overwhelmingly lesbian women and way less gay men. Nothing wrong with that perse, but it makes you think about if it is truly about what is marketable.

3) I would have to say no. And much of it has to do with writing and character development. Because it shouldn't be a centerpoint of that characters identity. It should be only relevant if it relevant to the story or some character arc. Otherwise, what are you trying to achieve with said character? Give perspective that shows a full person or make it some one dimensional progressive checkbox character. It shouldn't be just about representation, it should be about better and real representation. 

4) No. But I am OTBWY+

Last edited by OTBWY - on 11 September 2018