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I bought it when it launched and put 50 or so hours into it, got most of the way through the game but could not finish. To my surprise my son had bought the digital complete edition, so when I started using the PS4 again for Madden 19 I also got back into Horizon. I got the SpiderMan Pro and bought a new copy of Horizon complete for $16. Today I finally finished it. Last year I’d have rated the game maybe a 7 out of 10 and I think I’ll keep that rating, Frozen Wild pending.

Never was a big fan of the combat. Even in the hardest setting it’s pretty easy. You’re rarely ever forced to apply tactics or deeper thinking to tackling a situation. I won’t deny though, the visuals make the combat appealing in their own way. Equipping the air gun and dismantling robots as they attack you might not require any skill but it looks great. And I do enjoy overriding big machines and watching them just annihilate everything. It really seems like your personal machines are way more powerful than their AI counterparts.

The best part of the game are the visuals and the story. The end section of the game though was a chore though, and completely disappointing. You’re watching Hades awaken these underground ancient machines and it turns out they’re just more Deathbringers. Then you have a horde mode type fight where you have to stave off waves of machines, but you’re given such a powerful weapon and unlimited ammo that it’s  a cake walk. You have a human fight that is just a cliche box room where you lead the enemy to explosive barrels. Followed by another Deathbringer fight. I wonder if they just ran out of time for a proper end boss? The story was so good in this part, it’s a shame the gameplay couldn’t keep up.

I doubt i will do NG+, but I gotta day, I started Frozen Wild and as I am making the leisurely climb up to wherever im going, I get attacked by some level 35 Daemon fire type machine and it killed me in two hits before I even knew what was going on. So theres hope for the expansion.