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After upgrading the point jump and a few other web swinging abilities the webswinging is excellent. I'm no longer finding myself clumsily landing on a rooftop or wallrunning, and then losing momentum.

At first I didn't understand how to finish enemies by webbing them up for the cops. Now I get it though. If an enemy is stumbling from an attack or airborne, and if said enemy is near a wall they can be webbed to the wall. If an enemy is knocked down they can be webbed to the floor. Finally, you can just grab and swing webbed up enemies into a wall to glue them to the all. Webbing enemies for the cops to pick up builds super meter, or combos, and is just fun as hell.

I'm loving all the little gadgets that you can equip. Impact webbing is the best, since it quickly takes out enemies, and is really useful for stealth. Speaking of stealth...

Finally realized all the different ways to take an enemy down in stealth. Spidey can't wait around corners ala Splinter Cell/Batman, but he can do takedowns while crawling under the side of a building, web hanging, and perched on a rooftop.

Clicking R3 shows you bonus mission objectives, but one of them is just ridiculous, and not fun to attempt. That is trying to do 10 instances of swinging from your webs, and kicking the enemies. It's just not worth it, and gets in the way of combat too much. Otherwise bonus objectives are fun.

I really like how Insomniac did their own take on the Spider-Man universe. It's just so refreshing to not be bogged down by decades of lore. I love that this game's Peter Parker sounds and acts so much like the Peter Parker from the 90's TV show. IMO the Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield versions of the character are not Spider-Man. Insomniac's version makes the current movie versions of Spider-Man look like amateur filmmaking.