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1992: At birth I already had an Atari, Sega Master System, Genesis and an NES.
1994: Soon after we had a SNES. I think we had an original GB at some point.
1997: We got a PS1, N64 and GB Color at relatively similar times so I think it was 1997. By now I was already thoroughly addicted to video games.
2001: I got the Gamecube with some great games.
2002: Being a huge fan of FF on PS1, and then I saw my uncle playing on his PS2 with FFX, I wanted a PS2 for my birthday. I received the console during the summer though and then for my birthday I actually got an Xbox.
2004: GBA was picked up late for a cheap price to play some pokemon and kingdom hearts
2006: After thorough research of all 3 consoles I decided to spend all my birthday money on a PS3, however I didn't have enough money so my brother partially paid for it. Later on he would try to take ownership of it, but I had a backup plan with adults. Sadly bricked in 2012 due to improper care.
2009: Got a 360 and 10 games for $50. My brother got another 360 for $50. Mine bricked, his had errors.
2014 (October): Got a PS4, couldn't resist all the games. Bought with Samurai Warriors 4 and Infamous Second Son, waited a bit for FF Type 0 HD in March. And of course all the other games since...
2019 and beyond: A Switch and a PS5. Possibly an XB1 if I find it for $50 like my 360.

90s: Had a late 90s PC that I played until 2008. In World of Warcraft a 2004 game, I couldn't do anything in pvp with everything set at minimum.
2008: I bought a Desktop to play World of Warcraft. Had the most fun I ever had in any game I would say for a few years.
2011: I bought a Laptop for college, but it was also better than my Desktop. Again a very noticeable upgrade. However it became very old and overheated on anything including World of Warcraft...
2017: Bought another Laptop. Not the most worth but more manageable with student discounts, I figure it should last me 6 years like my last Laptop.