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Cerebralbore101 said:

1. The same could be said for Goldeneye. How satisfying was it to beat all the times, and unlock the Aztec temple to fight Jaws? I still wouldn't recommend it to anybody today, and couldn't play it again. 

2. I'll take your OST, and trade you for the terrible voice acting in the original. :P

3. There's still a version on the GameCube that may not be a total graphical overhaul, but at least it doesn't have the jumping jaggies of the PS1 version. N64 version also has this upside. 

4. IMO most PS1 games shooting for photo-realism didn't age well at all. Same goes for N64 games that did the same thing like Perfect Dark, or Goldeneye. Case in point look at Snake's pixel soup of a face. 

The guy has zero features. He looks like a manniquin. This isn't even as bad as it gets, because the PS1 had almost no anti-aliasing, and it never rendered the same at any given frame. The result is that when actually playing the game his face looks like a constantly shifting group of pixels. 

5. See above. 

6. I'll just hold my opinion on the Tekken series until I really get a chance to dive into it. I didn't like it back in the day, but that's may have been because it was so different from 2D fighters. 

7. Normally I don't care about graphics, but the difference between how these remakes look, and how the originals looked is like the difference between a 1 lb iron plate, and a mountain of unobtainuim. 

I have a lot of games, but I'll definitely pick up Parasite Eve and both Dino Crisis games. 

I agree 100% that PS1 has aged better than N64. Both Zelda games are on 3DS now with huge updates. Starfox and SM64 are both on a handheld now. Turok, Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark are all completely outdated. Mario Kart is still fun, but the current MK game outshines it in every way. Same goes for Smash. Conker, Banjo, and Paper Mario are still great. But PS1 has a ton of games that are still fun IMO. 

1. Then we disagree and that's it. You think it's so outdated it's unplayable now and I don't. It's one of the earliest stealth-focused titles, it's really enjoyable and it's an underrated gem of the PlayStation library for me.

2. Fair enough although I must confess that, having grown up with the game, I find the voice acting "so bad it's good" in a cheesy kinda way. I'm not saying the Remake is bad, it's an excellent remake and a good example of how to remake an already good game, but, having bought it recently doesn't mean I will never play the PS1 version again. It has its own unique "flavor" to it.

3. As I said before (and will say again) I don't think the GC upgrades are that big of a deal. However, regarding the N64 version, I've never played it but I have researched enough to know it has its own unique features and the team behind the port basically achieved miracles in not only preserving most of the PS1 version but also adding some new things to it. If you prefer that version, that's fine. Personally, I don't own it nor am I interested in it since I don't like the N64 controller.

4 and 5. You are mixing two different points in what I was discussing. Point 4 was that the graphical update for the GC versions of RE2 and RE3 are not that big of a deal. For me, it's similar to The Last of Us for the PS3 and later for the PS4. Sure it looks better but it's nothing to write home about. I wouldn't disregard the original version for such a small upgrade.

Now Point 5, regarding Twin Snakes, the graphical update is much more substantial BUT, as I already said, I don't like the changes that the developers did to the cutscenes and changing the original OST is sacrilege. Yes, the faces for the PS1 version look bad, almost funny nowadays, but it's not a deal breaker for me. 3D was in its infancy and faces with actual detail and animation wouldn't come till later but it's not such a big deal for me.

And on the subject of faces, have you looked at the character faces for most 2D games during this era?. The heights they achieved in backgrounds, character proportions etc, etc was incredible, but faces....ehh. Most 2D games I remember from the era had really pixelated faces as well. Castlevania SOTN is a gorgeous game and its 2D graphics are praised to this day but the faces had no features to them.

6. Fair enough. If you ever give Tekken 3 a chance, I do hope you enjoy it.

7. Fair enough I suppose. I disagree with the importance you are giving to updated graphics but I can see your point.

"I have a lot of games, but I'll definitely pick up Parasite Eve and both Dino Crisis games" 

Good!. Again, I hope you enjoy them. Parasite Eve 1 is kinda like a J-RPG with fights in real-time in a contemporary setting instead of a fantasy one, the story is good too with a mix of drama and horror. Parasite Eve 2 and the Dino Crisis games to me are children of the RE formula but each of them has their own take on the RE gameplay. All 3 of them are great fun.

"But PS1 has a ton of games that are still fun IMO. "

And not all of them are RPGs, but I appreciate you saying this nonetheless.