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Miyamotoo said:

1. My bad, I was counting only GoW 3, and GoW 3 (like you wrote only mainline game on PS3) is around 5m.

2. Talking about sales, every main Uncharted game sold better than best selling GoW game until last GoW game. Of Course that when some game is released is important, its not same if you have launch of strong game on install base of 40m and when you have launch of strong game on same platform but on intall of almost 80m, you can bet that Uncharted 4 would also had much stronger launch if actualy was launched on install base of 80m instead of 40m.

3. I was talking only about last two generation, and Drake was more popular than Kratos until last GoW game.

1. GOW 3 sold 5 million by May 2012, so it could easily be at over 6 million by now on PS3 alone.

2. You're wrong going by VGC sales. Sony published GOW 3 sales on PS3 as of May 2012 and it was higher than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

Install bases don't matter at a certain critical point. Uncharted 4 released on a 40m userbase which already had Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection so most Uncharted fans already had a PS4 by that time. The other 40m userbase makes little difference to a game like God of War which will sell to a fraction of the install base and that fraction will grow smaller as the install base grows, but not sell more if say PS4 had sold 120m units.

Its different for a game like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild which continues to sell with the growing install base and shows that its initial sales were limited by the install base. Uncharted 4 sales slowed down that year till Sony bundled it with PS4, and Nathan Drake Collection benefitted massively from the bundling. I got the Nathan Drake Collection bundle when I didn't want it, it was the cheapest PS4 at that time. Same with the Uncharted 4 bundle.

3. Kratos was a playable character in MK 9, Soulcalibur BD and a boss in Shovel Knight. Drake has made no appearance in third party games. If he really were more popular, why did these companies choose Kratos to sell their games.

1. 1m dont change nothing relly.

2. Maybe GoW 3 sold better than Uncharted 1, but Uncharted 2 and 3 on PS3 sold better than GoW 3 in any case.

That dont works that way espacily when we talk about one platform and not about difrent platforms, Uncharted Collection is remaster not brand new game, so not only that new game makes much more hype in any case than remaster but plenty of people already played Uncharted Collection on PS3, Uncharted 4 was also selling to plenty of people that never before played any Uncharted game. You are again wrong, new GoW game for plenty of people is actualy first GoW game,  it made huge hype and splash and plenty of PS4 owners bought it, launch on 40m instead of 80m would definatly bring smaller sales, and opoosite, Uncharted 4 would have stronger launch on install base of 80m instead of 40m.

3. They are totaly different type of characters, Kratos is a warrior and offcourse he is far more suitable for fighting games than Drake that's actually much more realistic and normal person, its expected Kratos to be in MK or Souls Caliber or even boss in some game, same you coldnt be said for Nate.


JustThatGamer said:

Kratos has always been significantly more popular than Nathan Drake, that's not even up for debate.,Nathan%20Drake

You didn't search the correct terms. Its Kratos versus Nathan.

Still, I found the results interesting. Kratos has always been more popular except for October 2015, when Nathan Drake Collection released and May 2016, when Uncharted 4 released. So he was consistently more popular by far in the PS3 days, and generally more popular in the PS4 gen.

Kratos can be only Kratos, but in case of Nate you have several search phrases: Nathan Drake, Nathan, Drake, Nate, Nate Drake.

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 04 September 2018