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flashfire926 said:
I don't get how your conclusion about the PS4/XB1 can be so different when they share 95% of their libraries, and are so similar.

If too many games require an online connection on Xbox One, the same has to be said for PS4.

It's mainly the 30 quality games that PS4 has, but XB1 will never get. If you ignore the mountains of shovelware, and just look at quality games the XB1 is severely lacking. But if you include the shovelware, then yes they have 95% the same library. 

Most of the XB1's exclusives like Forza, Gears, and Halo require an online connection to enjoy the bulk of the game. The same isn't true for Horizon, GoW, Uncharted, etc. Sony's exclusives still focus on single player.