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I feel like a lot of negatives for World, you're just nitpicking for the sake of having something down.

  • Lengthy Attack Patterns - That's actually a good thing is it not? The developers actually took their time to add in the motions for more than one attack. If we look back at the yee olden days, I still get PTSD from hip checks.
  • Speaking of Plesioth, you don't know what bad hitboxes are until you face him. Plus, World does not have bad hitboxes, at least for me. Maybe I'm just remembering the bad days of Plesioth, but World had some pretty accurate hitboxes from what I could say 200 hours in.
  • Monsters won't stop Flying, really only Azure Rathalos is the one that won't stop flying. Everything else lands in a couple of seconds.
  • Damage from monsters from the little things make sense. These are Monsters that are 5-20x bigger than you. This is one of the few details in World that makes sense.
  • Fighting two monsters at once? AS A NEGATIVE? Where's the fun in only fighting one monster at a time?
  • Armor, you have it completely backwards. OP in the beginning, useless in later games.  Also getting Armor Spheres is a piece of cake, It would take me probably an hour or two to get enough armor spheres to fully max out high tier armor (not augmented).
You want a more thorough fighting system, advanced palicos, and a more in-depth fighting styles, but you want the monsters to be bare-bones, and only have 3 of the same attacks bite, scratch, and iron tail. That doesn't make for a fun game. World has a lot of real problems, but most of what you listed I don't see as problems at all.