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Your annoyances are not the same as mine.
"But World has some things that are really freaking annoying such as...

    Monsters that go through lengthy attack patters where the players just have to sit and wait for the monster to end its attack pattern. This is non-interactive and annoying. Not really a bad thing
    Monsters won't stop flying. Monsters are always in the air, and even with flashbugs they fly so much that you mostly just wait around for them to land. Not really, the flying monsters are usually the most easy due to flashbugs. Non flying monsters like Behemoth or Extreme Behemoth on the other hand are more annoying.
    Sonic Grenades are useless unless fighting one specific monster. How is this annoying, and they do have minor use on other monsters.
    Ridiculous hitboxes that make zero sense. Every Monster Hunter game has ridiculous hitboxes imo.
    Taking damage and flinching if a monster so much as pokes you with its pinky finger. All monster actions are attacks. Even walking! One point in flinch free and health regen ftw, these attacks don't matter much.
    No Gems until halfway through the game. This is just annoying. I want my earplugs now, not 40 hours in! Yeah but most likely MH World G rank will have early decorations.
    Fighting two monsters at once. Screw that Rathian/Rathalos fight! Again a really simple fight with flash pods... or even dung pods.
    Completely OP armor sets during the late game, that are too good not to use. Everybody just has the same three armor sets late game. True but at least every weapon has different preferences, so a lot more armor sets.
    Weak, and useless armor sets for the early game. True as it should be.
    It takes a metric ton of Armor Spheres to upgrade your armor. Not in my experience... I got too many.
    Recycled monsters and hunts. " True, but content keeps coming out like Behemoth.

My comments in bold.

My annoyances are:
Every monster is pretty easy except Behemoth.

Kulve Taroth RNG is painful

Attack decoration RNG is painful

Flying monsters can just be flash podded and then they are basically useless

Extreme Behemoth gives nothing but layered armor.

All resources are too plentiful late game, I want more stuff to spend points, loot and zenny on.

Multiplayer scales to 4 players whether it be 2,3 or 4 players...

50 Guild Card trophy.