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So, I'm about twenty hours into MH Generations Ultimate, and loving it. IMO it is better than World, because it is so much more complex. 

  • You have to choose between light and heavy versions of the same armor set. Light versions offer more skills and elemental defense. 
  • You have to choose a fighting style. This determines what moves you can do with your weapon. 
  • You have to choose your Arts. Arts are special moves that you can do after building a meter.
  • You have to choose whether to make your Arts SP arts or normal arts. SP Arts buff your team, but cost more meter.
  • You are given a hefty choice of decoration options from early on. World makes you wait until halfway through the game for many decorations.
  • Way more monsters. Way, way, way, more monsters!
  • An Aerial style to help make mounting monsters easier. 
  • GreatSwords aren't nearly as slow in this game.
  • A ton of weapons. There are three starting weapons per weapon choice. They branch out from there. World only has two starting choices per weapon style.
  • No, boring monotonous story missions. I'm looking at you VolcanoBossGuy.
  • Palicos have way more skills. Building a Palico is just as complicated as building your hunter.
  • Being able to use your Palico as a playable character when hunting. Yeah, you can run around as a cat in Prowler mode!
  • More environments. Like, four times more! 
World on the other hand does some things better. 

  • No load times. Generations has 2-3 second load times per area. 
  • Better Graphics
  • Better inventory management.
  • Environmental traps.
  • Special missions that give you better drop rates, but are more challenging. 
  • Easier to tell where to farm for things.
  • Fireflies tell you where to go, and where the monster is.
  • Better Hunting book to tell you what monster parts can be broken off.
  • Voicechat. (MHGU only has keyboard support.)
But World has some things that are really freaking annoying such as...
  • Monsters that go through lengthy attack patters where the players just have to sit and wait for the monster to end its attack pattern. This is non-interactive and annoying.
  • Monsters won't stop flying. Monsters are always in the air, and even with flashbugs they fly so much that you mostly just wait around for them to land.
  • Sonic Grenades are useless unless fighting one specific monster.
  • Ridiculous hitboxes that make zero sense.
  • Taking damage and flinching if a monster so much as pokes you with its pinky finger. All monster actions are attacks. Even walking!
  • No Gems until halfway through the game. This is just annoying. I want my earplugs now, not 40 hours in!
  • Fighting two monsters at once. Screw that Rathian/Rathalos fight!
  • Completely OP armor sets during the late game, that are too good not to use. Everybody just has the same three armor sets late game.
  • Weak, and useless armor sets for the early game.
  • It takes a metric ton of Armor Spheres to upgrade your armor.
  • Recycled monsters and hunts.