Hello all, this is my first thread here.

I'm brazilian and a good portion of what I know of English was learned through gaming. I did some courses but it never lasted long and I never practised enough. I kind hit this "plateau" sometime ago and I really want to get to another level - maybe even reach fluency some day. My reading is somewhat good, my writing and listening is so-so and my speaking is my weakest skill.

As many of you know, one good way of getting better at a foreign language is talking to someone who really knows that language. So here I am, asking for help of a kind soul. I was thinking about using my PS Plus subscription and voice chat while playing a good game with a VGChartz fellow. =D

I live in UTC-3 time zone and I have about 1 hour/day free for gaming during week days (after 8PM, my time) and I have a little bit more free time during weekends, specially on Sundays.

If you are insterested, please add me on PSN (my ID is haqqaton) or PM me so we can start planning my classes (games, schedule, etc).  Haha...

Have any of you guys used this "methodology" to learn a foreign language? What could you share about the results? Did you get better? What are your hints?


p.s:  I have a Switch but I don't think I'll pay for the online subscription. At least for now.


Just to clarify. I'm not asking for an English teacher! I just want someone to play games with occasionally.

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