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Ganoncrotch said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
I'll recommend Super Slime San. It's basically a super meat boy clone, but a damned good one. Just don't try playing it with the Pro Controller. The D-Pad on the Pro Controller isn't accurate enough for this game.

anyone interested in checking this out there is a fairly substantial demo available to try out pretty much all the mechanics... I personally found the additional mechanics to take away from the purity of the platforming which meat boy offered, as in I felt it was a "more is less" sort of feeling, but I bet if you got into using the extra moves it would become second nature.

Yeah those few extra moves, are what the game uses to go nuts with the levels. By the end of the game you'll fully realize their potential. It's akin to a hack n' slash game introducing a dodge roll, for the first time, when others just use block. Or a 2D sidescrolling introducing a double jump, when most only allow for a single jump.