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Megiddo said:
jason1637 said:
Did PS4 fall off a cliff or something?

Nope. Someone requested an illogical change which Symbios for who knows why actually heeded. I would have thought the creator of this algorithmic pattern to be more informed on the factors and what each daily ranking represents (it's not on a single day but rather on a rolling period). Oh well, we'll see how it all shakes out.

Remember that this is still an in progress tool. This is a new situation.

I will give August results with all three methods so we can see which one is the closest from NPD results. There will be no official change untill then.

This tool was and still is built empirically. The august NPD results will tell us the best way to handle those very limited editions in the future (the same way March and April NPD results helped us adjust the formula).

You may totally be right though...so far, I do not favor any method (I know about the rolling period very well but the Gamestop list still feels a bit off...we will see !)

edit : oh, and I will post today update tomorrow, I have numbers but no time ;)