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As someone who is in the Emergency Services... It's not as simple as "Give more funding".

Trump cannot receive all the blame for the lack of a quality response, it's an issue that goes from top to bottom... From the training that personnel do every day, to the maintenance of vehicles and infrastructure, procurement of new tools, items, PPE... To even the more social side of things like advertising.

It's just like with the fires in California... The issue got out of control thanks to lack of common sense at the top and bottom.
For example... So many houses in California were built out of wood. Wood. In fire-prone areas. Wood.
Why? Because of lobbying by various companies to ensure houses are built form wood.

The firefighter teams themselves also lacked appropriate communication, bombers for instance were working independently from the crew on the ground so they were cross-battling the fire and thus not being as effective as can be by working together. - So some of our Guys actually went over there to help train you Americans on how to tackle the problem much more effectively. (We are the best trained in the world at handling wildfires, it's a yearly thing for us afterall.)

It's not just about money. It's so much more than that.

Last edited by Pemalite - on 30 August 2018

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