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Rpruett said:
SammyGiireal said:

I live in Puerto Rico and went through the whole Maria ordeal. If anyone is to blame that someone is our own corrupt government. They were the ones hiding the true numbers. Everyone knows someone who died from causes related to the hurricane on the island, the local government death toll was a joke. Trump is not my cup of tea but Puerto Rico's current state of affairs (crime, poverty, bad health services etc.) Is entirely on our own government.

Well looks like you ruined OP's entire narrative.  Good work. :)

Trump could have sent a trillion dollars in aid. Our politicians would have been a trillion dollars richer, the feds have found entire wagons of undistributed aid in the past few weeks. Some of our Mayors were keeping the aid for their relatives and friends. The roads in my hometown were absolute trash for weeks because our Mayor was an incompetent fool during the aftermath. My car actually got a nasty dent from a fallen tree that was blocking part of the road for weeks while I was making my way home from work at night. This happened a whole full month after the hurricane hit.Trump was a jack ass during his visit here, but our government told him that only 64 people had died that was the official death toll. Obviously Trump couldn't see the bigger picture but it wasn't his fault.