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I value free speech, and think that so long as speech isn't a credible threat of violence it shouldn't be controlled by the government at all, however I believe that this doesn't extend to freedom of platform. A private platform holder should absolutely have every right to control what appears on their platform. I also think that free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences for that speech, and that speech doesn't deserve any special protection from discrimination outside of the government. You can't help your skin color, your sex, your sexual orientation, stuff like that, but you can help your ideas, so they shouldn't be protected from discrimination. If a workplace wants to fire someone for their ideas, that workplace should be allowed to do so. Public backlash to any decision on the part of private entities to express an idea, censor an idea on a platform they own, or fire someone that doesn't fit their corporate culture, it's all normal. In fact such backlash isn't just normal, it's to be expected, even encouraged, as it is itself a part of free speech and the public discourse.

Long story short, the US government is already protecting speech exactly as much as it should be and should not provide any further protection, and speech in society is as free as it should be and all the turmoil is normal and healthy, even if society as a whole isn't very healthy or united right now.