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I am so fucking hyped for this game. My wife and I put hundreds of hours into DQIX back when we met. It's for sure the DS game that I've played the most. It seems like DQXI isn't going to have a lot of the features that I loved, but I hope it will still be awesome.

Why I loved DQIX:
- Gear that changed the look of your character
- Post-game treasure maps were so addictive
- Each character could change between all of the classes, each with their own level, and leveling other classes gives skill points which benefit your character as a whole. Thus, you could be a Level 1 Sage and beat Level 40 mobs because of all the passive boosts you'd have.
- Comprehensive in-game completionist logs
- Crafting: There were a ton of ingredients to find in the world, many being extremely rare, and the crafting process was amazing. Even a hundred hours into the game I was still regularly finding better gear for my characters, whereas in most games I find myself wearing the same stuff for long periods of time.

My wife and I picked up copies of the DQVII remake the day it came out on 3DS. I still haven't finished the game myself, but I did find it enjoyable (albeit dated). We didn't enjoy it as much as 9.

I hope 11 can compete, and based on the reviews, it sounds great.