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Today Sony Interactive Entertainment’s mobile branch ForwardWorks announced the title of the previously-teased new Wild Arms game for mobile platforms.

The game is titled Wild Arms: Million Memories, and will be co-developed by DanMachi Memoria Freese developer Wright Flyer Studios. It will be released in Japan in 2018.

To accompany the announcement, we get a teaser featuring the history of the franchise and the theme song Million Memories performed by Rin Akatsuki.

The game will be fully revealed on August 31st at 9:00 PM Japan time, in a livestream that you can find embedded at the bottom of the post.

Wild Arms: Million Memories isn’t the only mobile game ForwardWorks is creating based on classic Sony franchises. Arc The Lad R was also announced a few weeks ago and will come to Japan this year as well.

You can enjoy the nostalgic trailer below, and see if it entices you to leave aside the disappointment for the lack of a proper console game.

Well, at least it's something. Looks like it will feature old characters.