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Soundwave said:

Mario Kart is already in VR at a VR center in Japan:

I guess Nintendo was involved with this? This might be a testing ground for Mario Kart 9. People say this is incredible. 

Thinking about it all ... yeah I think VR + Nintendo is gonna happen. There's a lot pointing towards it. 

Yeah they would probably use some modified form of that build or at least use some of that code for the VR mode in the next Switch Mario Kart. I saw your comment about it's development perhaps encouraging them to look more into VR, possible.  I think Nintendo has had VR on the back of their mind for a while.  Hard to ignore the movements in the industry happening the last few years when you were the company who pushed for more immersive gameplay, not mentioning Virtual Boy though. ha. I heard a rumor during the Wii days that Nintendo showed a VR demo using Gamecube behind closed doors at E3 one year. Still, I do think Mario Kart VR was an effort to get their feet wet for potential future developments.