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melbye said:
While i am sure they are going to upgrade Switch at some point i expect it will be something like DSi or New 3DS, a little bit more powerful and some new features that won't fundamentally change the experience. Upgrading Switch to such a degree that that it can do 4K and VR can only fracture the userbase

I think it depends on how it is done. MS made the requirement that any game on the One X must run on the original Xbox One. While I don’t think Nintendo would do that, they would still have some requirements that would keep it in the family and of course 1st party titles and Indies would be assured to be accessible on all versions.

A challenge with that would be making the Switch XL/VR appealing enough to make gamers choose that version at a higher price to make it affordable to Nvidia and whoever else has investment in it. With Matio Kart VR and a Metroid Prime 4 on the level of BoTW, each with VR considerations throughout their development, I think they will end up with a better conversion than Sony and MS had with their upgraded models. This also may be another reason why they pulled so much from the Wii U catalog, why Sakurai and Game Freak teams are focused on holding up Switch, leaving room for the other teams to work on building for something... simply speculating of course.