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Soundwave said:
Miyamotoo said:
I could see some kind VR addon, but we want see 4k with this Switch, maybe with Switch 2, Tegra X2 don't have near power needed for 4k.

Tegra X2 is old news, Nvidia likely already has something beyond a Tegra X2. 

Also look at the link of the VR tech Nvidia has which dramatically reduces pixel rendering for VR games, you can cut the rendering load by half with minimal reduction in image quality. 

Ofcourse its old news, but fact that Nvidia has something beyond Tegra X2 doesn't meant that Nintendo will use it near future, best bet is that Nintendo will use Tegra X2 in Switch revisions for next year.

I said that we could see some kind of VR addon/support for Switch, but hardly we will see 4K support in near future.