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KBG29 said:
I have no doubt Nintendo will enter the VR market, I just think it will come on the next Platform. I believe the best time for Nintendo to enter the market is 2020 or 2021 with a new custom made 7nm SOC from Nvidia. That should give them the power to gain access to all AAA 3rd party games in both the Retro space and the VR space. All three companies should have VR solutions next gen, along with at least Goolge making a serious push in gaming. With Some 1st party love from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, and some big name AAA games made for VR, I think VR will be pretty successful next gen. Maybe not mainstream, but successful.

It is definitely possible that Nintendo, after playing with VR and loosely planning the strategy, regroup and postpone it. They are doing that quite a bit lately being careful not to share what isn’t certain, but they would be missing a nice window. I also think you cross another good point that Nintendo’s handheld tech is progressing nicely and the next full generation should be almost negligible difference with that gens abilities, however even if that is the case, strategically, they would only be on similar ground with Sony and MS, which has shown in the GCN/PS2/Xbox days not to be the best situation. I would be worried for that outcome even if Nintendo did have portability on its side. 

I think with Switch being a “sectional” console, the opportunity is there to extend it’s lifespan with upgraded “parts” in a way that no console has done before. If they maintain the joycon setup, then they could just upgrade the body for 2 generations with a flexible enough design surrounding the components. The Switch life could even span 7-10 years.Their marketing is nearly spot on right now, but, again strategically, if they do not fully utilize this window leading up to the next gen, then their rise may be shortlived. To keep hype propelling, they need to ensure more leaps in design and wow experiences like BoTW offered. They are on top of things this gen, firing on all cylinders. I know they know these things and more and are comsidering the options. We cannot assume that these steps are going to be ordinary and expected. Timing is critical, and Nintendo has shown that they are definitely playing this game. They have to. By combining the handheld and home console markets with Switch, one wrong move, false industry-read, or ill-timed release and they could be all but done. It’s what makes the game industry so interesting to watch.

Last edited by zygote - on 26 August 2018