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JRPGfan said:

Yes next year, its possible to have a 18watt portable 4k VR ready device!
Nevermind if thats actually true or not (which it clearly isnt).....
and ignore if that actually makes sense for nintendo to do (jump start a new gen in a year's time).

Some cellphones have 4k comparable touch displays already. VR capable is possible depending on how they design it and what level of a VR experience you are looking for. Nintendo has done things with Switch that nobody thought could be done right now by finding happy compromises. Panic Button has been able to get Doom and Wolfenstein 2 running really well on the less powered system. It isn’t what you do, but how you do it.

It wouldn’t be a new generation, it would be this generation, the same Switch family and LABO support, just with added functionality for those that want to experience it.

Did you know the joycon could do everything they can with LABO before they showed that first trailer? If the current Switch had a higher resolution, then you could put it into a LABO made headset and tada a modest VR machine, similar to cellphone gear. But the current model wasn’t given the needed tech. Hence an XL model. Not everyone wants to do VR so why force them to pay for it? Just let them use a regular Switch.

Also, I didn’t say it would be this next year, the rumor on a 4k Switch did. It could be a 2020 device. Nintendo has been delaying a lot recently. People were sure that Yoshi, Bayonetta 3, Mario Maker and Animal Crossing would come this year. Pikmin 4 is supposedly completed and waiting according to rumor. I think they changed their plans this past fall/spring. It’s possible that they had hoped to get a VR XL model out next year but it was pushed back. If it was, then we will likely see Metroid Prime 4 pushed back too. Next year will be 2nd tier games with Pokemon as the big title if that’s the case.

Last edited by zygote - on 26 August 2018