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The Evidence: We've seen the VR code in the Switch OS from the hacking community. We've seen the patents.  We know that a Switch revision is coming.  We know that what is holding the Switch back from being VR capable is the screen resolution.  Given Nintendo's track record we know that revisions are likely coming in the next year or two. We have seen remarkable ports over to the current system.  We have still seen some games that are claimed as "too graphic" still for the Switch.  We know that PS5 and the Next Xbox are going to start bubbling up next year. Rumors have floated around recently about a 4K Switch version releasing next year. Nintendo has a new president who has promised Nintendo to come back to the forefront of the industry within a short few years.  He has had the plan for a while and sounds like it could be pretty aggressive. Metroid Prime 4 is likely releasing next year and nothing has been shown for it.

While I had originally predicted when it was announced that Metroid Prime 4 might be a flagship for VR, a rumor and somewhat obvious fantasy use of the "Switch" placed in a head mounted casing to "Switch" to VR mode as a secret future function, evidence has shown recently that Nintendo had intended for just that!  However, the screen resolution is way too low for functional VR.  I had also predicted in the past that Nintendo will start upgrading Switch on a "component" basis, something that has not really happened since the N64 memory module.

The Prediction:  Nintendo releases a 4k Switch with Tegra 2, with VR  being the marketed function similar to 3D on 3DS at the time, using Metroid Prime 4 as a flagship.  This upgraded Switch will just be an extension of the existing Switch, not intended for more power, but rather mainly 4k output scaling to accommodate VR and some of the more graphic current gen games if 3rd parties want to use it. Not all games have to use the 4k VR feature and developers can decide if they want to use the extra power or make it more backward friendly. If a game only works on the new Switch, then it wouldn't have been able to run on the old Switch version anyway, so this is a mute point.  Indie games and other games will still come to all Switch versions. 

Different pricing packages offered with body only packages for existing switch owners. Original system will go down to $200-$250 permanently. We will also likely see a small Switch with permanently attached technically-simpler controllers for kids and easy quick play with $200 pricing model, think the size of original GBA but with bigger screen. $400 for the NEW Switch VR, $300 for just the body. Likely, they will remove the bezel as well and it will come with the headset components or even cardboard housing ala LABO. It is meant to be partially used with other LABO kits as well to make an immersive experience.  We will likely see Mario Kart VR come further down the line.

All of this will, of course, lay the 3DS to rest.

Reflection: IF this does happen, what effect do you think this would have on the industry in light of the next gen consoles?  What games can you see of Nintendo's in VR? Will this cause too many complications for the existing userbase?  What else do you see happening as a result here?

Last edited by zygote - on 26 August 2018