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ironmanDX said:
Cannibalism unconfirmed?

Haha good times. 

RolStoppable said:
Kerotan said:


Ps4 has now beaten the 7m milestone. Next up 7.5m and 8m which it should have any problem doing. 9m I predict at some point in 2019 and 10m in 2020. 

Didn't expect that from you. Using half a million as a milestone is a stealthy dig at a sluggish performance. Either you are desperate or you have humor.

There quarters of the way to 10m homie. Like ps4 getting to 75m is a bigger milestone point then 7 0 or 80m.


@the guy asking how is it doing compared to ps3. I think it's like 430k ahead but ps3 about to go through a slow period so it should power past 500k again. Who knows how high it can go.