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dx11332sega said:

3:49 I think its a good deal

He's missing the upfront fee. For the deal with the S the upfront fee is $230. For the X the upfront fee is either $230 or more. 

So you can buy the S for around $300, and then pay $60 a year for XBL, and Gamepass for $10 a month, for a total of $660 for two years. 


You can pay $230 upfront and the $22 a year for two years, for a total of $758. 

Clearly just outright buying the console is better. It's especially true when you consider that XBL usually runs deals to get it for cheaper than $60 a year, and that not everybody needs 24/7/365 XBL coverage to enjoy all their games. Many games are strictly single player experiences. So what happens if you wind up playing single player for three or four months a year? You're still paying for the XBL that you dont' need for all those months.