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So basically you pay an upfront fee for the console and then continue to pay a monthly fee of $22 to $34 dollars for two years.

IMO this is just MS trying to move their "Games as a Service" plans forward. They want to turn playing video games into a monthly bill like your phone bill, or internet bill. That way they have a guaranteed stream of income from their "customers". About five years ago Adobe scrapped the ability to purchase Photoshop outright, and moved on to making people pay a monthly fee indefinitely. Over the long term customers are made to pay more money than if they were to just buy a copy of Photoshop outright. Autodesk did the same thing with 3DS Max. Anyway, I feel like in five or six years the Xbox brand will go the same direction. No more ability to just outright buy games, and a console from a store. You'll be locked into a service plan that is ultimately more expensive in the long run, than if you flat out bought the system and games separately.