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DonFerrari said:

You are right, it is getting close to it, not sure how I missed it. So there are currently 8 Nintendo franchises with potential (not sure SMB and AC will get there though).

I tried to combine the numbers whenever I could see they on the list, but VGC listing may not be the best all the time.

My lower section is how many franchises currently have a shot of crossing 10M (thus why I put GT as a doubt, AC and SMB also not secured 10M yet) since I don't think Wii Sports, Duck Hunt and Nintendogs will cross 10M again.

Yes PS2 is something that have plenty 1M seller and some strong niche games, but not many 10M+.

VGC listed R* as publisher (and this is why I used " on the title) if you have statistics for physical copies of either Borderlands I'll gladly add them, but on VGC I didn't see it.

Also didn't saw WB, will look at it.

I only counted VGC numbers it's on the OP text =p I even called the ranking on PS4 to be perhaps wrong considering some of Sony games crossed much higher numbers than VGC accounts for.

Borderlands 2 sold 12 million in 3 years.

Don't have sales numbers for any NBA 2K game but maybe look it up.

Warner Bros has Arkham City on VGC above 10 million if I'm not wrong, Arkham Asylum and Knight are above 10 million in the real world for sure but Knight in particular is heavily undertracked here. Arkham Knight sold 5 million in 4 months. MK 10 sold 5 million in 6 months and the 2 games got complete editions after those sales. 

Yes I checked WB, you can see on the edit on OP.

Borderlands on VGC doesn't sum over 10M, I double checked.

Ka-pi96 said:
Thread is flawed since you're doing it by individual SKU instead of actual game sales. That's both inaccurate and massively biased in favour of exclusives.

Nope, I have summed the multiple outings on the platform (I certainly wouldn't sum Fifa 14+15+16+17+18 as one, but I summed 15 for all platforms).

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