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MasonADC said:
Don't forget Splatoon 2! It is basically guaranteed 10 million

You are right, it is getting close to it, not sure how I missed it. So there are currently 8 Nintendo franchises with potential (not sure SMB and AC will get there though).

SpokenTruth said:
Nice thread. And yes, the Wii and DS software sales were just extreme aberrations in the industry. I think some people may say that many 3rd party games are over 10 million if you combine the platforms their games release on....but maybe that's best for a different thread.

I'm also trying to understand your lower section. Are those supposed to be how many franchises each company has were a game reached 10 million? I ask because Nintendo would have a few more than 7 (Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Brain Training, Smash Bros, Wii Fit) ~12. 13 if we separate 2D and 3D Mario.

PS2 always seems weird for software sales. The hardware numbers suggest it should have had a lot more 10 million sellers but it didn't. I've often wondered if that's a consequence of having too many games. Obviously any console maker would love to have that problem.

I tried to combine the numbers whenever I could see they on the list, but VGC listing may not be the best all the time.

My lower section is how many franchises currently have a shot of crossing 10M (thus why I put GT as a doubt, AC and SMB also not secured 10M yet) since I don't think Wii Sports, Duck Hunt and Nintendogs will cross 10M again.

Yes PS2 is something that have plenty 1M seller and some strong niche games, but not many 10M+.


Rockstar isn't a publisher. Take Two is the publisher. Borderlands and Borderlands 2 sold 10 million as well as some NBA 2K games I'm sure, so add them.

You forgot Warner Bros as well.

Best selling COD game is MW3 at 30 million sold.

VGC listed R* as publisher (and this is why I used " on the title) if you have statistics for physical copies of either Borderlands I'll gladly add them, but on VGC I didn't see it.

Also didn't saw WB, will look at it.

I only counted VGC numbers it's on the OP text =p I even called the ranking on PS4 to be perhaps wrong considering some of Sony games crossed much higher numbers than VGC accounts for.

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