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I love the Civ series. I've been playing it since Civ IV. I got into Civ VI back when it first launched, but I only got about 50 to 60 hours out of it. Why? Because I've just grown tired of turns taking forever once you hit the industrial age. I know about turning off animations, lowering the Civ count, and lowering the city state count. 

But how do you get Civ 6 to take 5-10 seconds per turn late game? Does it take a faster processor or what? Or are super long turns just something you have to deal with when playing Civ no matter your build? Is there some magic mod out there that fixes it? 

Edit: For clarity, the game can take up to a full minute between hitting the next turn button, and giving you control back . For a game in 2018. 

Civilization is just very CPU demanding, it's the way it is.
It's a game that also tends to gobble up any CPU cores you can throw at it, so more the merrier. - I wouldn't personally be playing it on anything less than a 6-core CPU with HT.

What hardware are you running?

AMD FX(tm)-8320 Eight-Core Processor
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
RAM 8 GB of Something or another. 
A small solid state for booting windows.
A 500 GB regular HDD of some sort.
Some sort of MSI board. I forget. A friend helped me pick the board years ago. 

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